Michael, a restauranteur whose restaurants have earned Michelin Stars and James Beard Foundation awards, and who has created award-winning all-American wine lists, brought one part of the equation. Mort, as a real estate developer whose knowledge of land is widely known, brought another. Add Leslye, a floral designer and gardener with a love of the earth, and Amy, with an international reputation for building relationships, and we all had a “eureka!” moment the day we climbed the hill for the first time.

Our name reflects the gift bestowed on our small piece of earth in Napa Valley. A plot that surely has been blessed and sprinkled with magic such as the dust from the stars above. Everything grows so splendidly here.

Stardust. The name was serendipitous. We had just tasted the wine out of the barrel in the cellar and taken a bottle home. A few days later we opened the bottle for another taste. What should be playing on the XM satellite radio but a favorite song of generations of music lovers, Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust.” At that moment, we knew the name of our wine. Interestingly, in researching the name, we learned that Hoagy described his surprise the first time he heard a recording of his song:

“And then it happened—that queer sensation that this melody was bigger than me. Maybe I hadn’t written it at all. The recollection of how, when and where it all happened became vague as the lingering strains hung in the rafters of the studio. I wanted to shout back at it, ‘Maybe I didn’t write you, but I found you.’”

Now, we are releasing the 2013 and 2014 Stardust from spectacular vintages. The sad news continues to be that there are only four barrels — just 100 cases — produced, available for purchase through this website.

Drink. Enjoy. Gaze at the stars.

With warm regards,

Michael & Leslye Dellar
Morton & Amy Friedkin
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